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Great environments We provide specific, unbiases and confidential advice. We promise to give our clients our 'extra-ordinary' best.

Professional property portfolio management

We are a team of property professionals who provide comprehensive advice and invaluable insights into the New Zealand and Australian property markets. We manage and advise some of New Zealand's leading and best-loved retailers and property owners.

Our national network of contacts and strong relationships with many retailers, other property professionals, landlords and developers enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse of retailing. With more than 350 managed sites, combining an annual sales turnover in excess of $800 million, we have extensive knowledge of the New Zealand property landscape. We provide clients with unique retail intelligence, the latest statistical and demographic information, and up to date reporting of the latest retail trends.

Benefits of Site

We provide specific, unbiased and confidential advice and work hard to ensure we're always free from any conflicts of interest. Our breadth of experience, market knowledge and insight, together with our significant bargaining power, are key strengths unique to Site. On top of that, you'll always have direct access to our most senior staff. We are great negotiators, and our leading lease management system (Lease Eagle) delivers efficient administration processes, occupancy cost savings and reduced commercial and legal risk.

We are your unfair advantage.

Our promise

To give clients our 'extra-ordinary best', ensuring we deliver beyond expectations in terms of premium service and value.

To provide unparalleled bang for your bucks.

To deliver the best property options, secure the best deals and deliver the best results tailored to your business and your bottom line.

We're perfectly positioned as property advisors.

Site has provided independent property management and advice to New Zealand retailers and property owners for more than five years. Being in the right location is key for many businesses. We provide expert advice in relation to all aspects of commercial property portfolio management.

What we do

Site has provided independent property management and advice to New Zealand retailers and property owners for more than five years. We help retailers, commercial and industrial clients reduce costs and maximise profits, giving them the peace of mind they need to focus on their core business.

Our primary role is that of tenant advocate focused on championing the interests of our clients in all dealings with landlords, real estate agents and other industry professionals.

We specialise in evaluating, minimising and eliminating property risks that could severely impact your bottom line. We work extremely hard to ensure property is never on your worry list and becomes an area of competitive advantage for your business.

We work with a range of retailers from niche fashion operators in boutique strip locations—through to international franchises, large national chains and destination retailers.

Location strategy

Being in the right location is key for many businesses - it often plays a significant role in a company's profit and overall success. We help our clients identify the company's needs and objectives and then secure compatible locations that will maximise opportunities while minimising costs and risk. Our services include new site and location feasibility assessments, occupancy cost analysis, capital expenditure reviews, and retail store network and development options.

Location acquisition

Once we have a target property in mind, we are perfectly positioned to secure the best deal and lowest price or rent on your behalf. We know the commercial property market inside out. We know correct values, what to look for, and who to call for expert advice. We fully understand the unique dynamics of retailing and the importance of key factors such as customer demographics, retail competition and foot traffic. We can also provide planning specialists, architects, designers, project managers, brand designers and internal fit out specialists. We will ensure you get the right property at the right price. We will also help you negotiate your exit from any premises you might wish to quit as part of a relocation or restructuring process.

Location management

We provide expert advice in relation to all aspects of commercial property portfolio management, including lease audits, rationalisation, cost reduction, operational support and risk management. We can also manage all aspects of lease administration and negotiation, including renewals and agreements to lease, rent reviews, make-goods, terminations, redevelopment and relocation negotiations, subleasing and licencing. Our fully integrated systems andhighly qualified team gives us the ability to deal with the operational through to the strategic needs of a business. Whether your property strategy is to grow, consolidate or divest, we are the right people to help tailor your property needs to your business.

Before we were introduced to SITE we thought we did pretty good property leasing deals. SITE has time and again demonstrated that we didn't always have a handle on current market knowledge and that not being property specialists means leaving money on the table.

There is also always room for improvement and there is no substitute for specialist knowledge and many years of property leasing experience. Working with SITE now means we are convinced we are getting the best deals available leveraging expert knowledge and skill to manage our portfolio. SITE has given us peace of mind and helped us streamline our business while adding to our bottom line in cost savings and expert management.

Richard Miles, Owner, 3 Wise Men.
We have been working with SITE since September 2007. In this time they have helped us deliver on an extremely ambitious store rollout programme throughout New Zealand whilst still successfully managing our extensive network property portfolio. SITE has been able to deliver a service that ensures we get the best expert advice enabling us to make the correct property decisions. The fact that SITE only acts for tenants and not the landlords of this world, ensures we get the best possible deals achievable. They have become part of our business, and while functioning as an outsourced property company, I consider them a fundamental part of our team. They understand our strategy and that enables them to drive the best possible deals and ensures that we get the right stores in the right locations.

Paul Gianotti‚ General Manager, Operations‚ Warehouse Stationery New Zealand
Site was recommended to us when we were seeking a Corporate Real Estate partner in New Zealand and we have worked with them for over 5 years. Their knowledge, professionalism and reliability underpins their position as one of the leading CRE service providers in Australasia. SITE have been fundamental to our growth and success in expanding from Australian and into New Zealand.

Lee Trevena, CEO, Synetek Systems

1. New Lease

  1. Background A national retailer instructed SITE to source a store in a new catchment area. SITE identified a "new-build" retail development.
  2. Negotiation Since our client was the anchor tenant, SITE leveraged this position to negotiate extremely favourable lease terms.
  3. Outcome A tenancy incentive was achieved which equated to 3.4 years rent free based on a 7 year lease. The tenancy was also built to the tenant's full base building specification and the lease was de-risked by requiring a pre-leasing threshold for the overall development.

2. Lease Extension

  1. Background A national retailer instructed SITE to help fund refurbishment works for a strong-performing existing store.
  2. Negotiation Approaching the end of the tenant's existing lease, SITE negotiated an incentive payment from the landlord based on a 7.5 year extension of its current form.
  3. Outcome A tenancy incentive was achieved which equated to 8.4 months rent free and SITE also negotiated the removal of the tenant's reinstatement provisions upon final lease expiry.

3. Lease Expiry and Surrender of Part

  1. Background A national retailer instructed SITE to help with surrendering part of their Distribution Centre lease back to the landlord. They also required SITE to negotiate the make good obligation upon their lease expiry and exit of the site.
  2. Negotiation SITE negotiated the surrender of quarter of the space held under the lease and managed to retain the current $/sqm rental rate, then upon the lease expiry negotiated a decrease in the make good provisions and expectation of the landlord.
  3. Outcome On the surrender of the space the annual rental roll dropped by $250,212 per annum in year one. On the lease expiry make good a settlement was negotiated for $20,000 less than the landlord expectations.

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